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Robotic and Control Technology

  1. Smart Antenna - Intelligent Active Tracking Antenna
    1. Optimal radiation pattern towards desired cell sites
      GPS direction pointing for optimized signal strength and base station searching
      3D way pointing utilizing state of the art Gyrometer, Accelerometer and Barometer technology
      Antenna Tracking range
      Vertical +/- 45 degree max
      Horizontal 360 degree max
      Tracking resolution +/- 0.5 degree
      Amplifier ( can be customized)
      Uplink 1920~1980 Mhz
      Downlink 2110~2170 Mhz
      Antenna (can be customized)
      Square Grid Parabolic Antenna
      3G communications system
      1920-2170Mhz band
      Long-distance transmission

  2. Smart Door - RFID TCP/IP based Security Door controller
  3. Polygon 3 D GeoFencing
    1. Live GPS sensing – 0.05KM resolution
      User defined GeoFencing setup
      Graphical interface – Point & Click for boundary definition
      Max 3 Zone definition
      User password protected for Setup
      Auto On/Off switch based on GeoFencing defined boundary
      On/Off switch 220V-250V AC 13A
      Electrical Input: 220V AC 13 A
      9.2” color TTL LCD
  4. Smart Mini-AGV base unit - Small foot print, heavy duty 4 wheeled base DC brushless motor driven
    1. Small foot Print 360 x 368 x 151              ( mm L x B x H) 

      Heavy duty, max payload 100 kg 

      Efficient and Maintenance free  3 Phase DC Brushless motor complete with matching DSP based 3 Phase DC Brushless DC driver 

      Modular design system, user can easily include various types of navigation sensors, including IR or Magnetic. Easy interface with PWM  or Analog Speed controller.

      Optional Modules:-

      · Battery rack Module

      · Ultrasonic Collusion Module

      · Contact Collusion Module

  5. Robotic Patient bed system